December 2005, #12 

 Fred Moramarco


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I've been writing poetry all my life and my poems have always simply been a chronicle of my inner life. I often try to write poems that can be both whimsical and serious at the same time, and like William Carlos Willams I believe the universal is always found in the particular details of an individual life. So these poems reflect a great deal about this life that I'm living and the various emotional bumps and jolts I've experienced along the way.
Fred Moramarco, poet and Professor at San Diego State University, is the Editor of Poetry International, the author of numerous volumes of poetry, and co-author of Modern American Poetry, 1865-1950 (Boston: Twayne, 1989), Modern American Poetry (U of Mass Press, 1992) and co-editor of Men of Our Time: Male Poetry in Contemporary America (U of Georgia Press, 1992).