How To Use This Site

                             *  *  *   I N S T R U C T I O N   * * *
     This short Instruction covers all main problems using the Russian-language based site.
     A small vocabulary will help to avoid navigation problems using Russian titled links:

    ENTRANCE                     --->        

    UP to the beginning of the page--->, ,                    

    NEXT                                --->                    

    RETURN back to the previous page  --->       

    EXIT to the begining           --->       

    In some ART-pages you may come across:

    GALLERY                          --->      

    PAINTING                         --->     

    GRAPHIC, DRAWING      --->      ,

    SCULPTURE                      --->       

    PHOTO                               --->     

    After these titles some pages have links-numbers (in brackets), click them to get each page.
    In some cases, trying to exit page, you will not directly returned back, but will get some other page: again find (EXIT) link and click it one more time to be returned.
    Using the musical pages click any kind of links, besides those for navigation, to listen music. Few of them may be linked to text, photo or voice: again find (EXIT) link and click it to return back to the previous page.
    Keep in mind: If you have a phone-line Internet connection, it will take more time for photo, graphic and especially music files to be loaded. Be patient.
    You are welcome to use Guest Book regarding your thoughts and impressions about this Magazine and works presented here. To add your entry click ' ' (on the top), fill it, and then click button (OK) or (CLEAR).
    If you  face some problem or have suggestion how to improve this site, feel free to
contact us and we will help.
    Using this site don't forget to turn on your audio: a lot of pages have musical background.    

    Be sure, you will manage it following these simple rules. It's really easy.
    Good luck and have a good time to be here!